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Therapy & Support Groups 

Currently Running  Groups

Groups are subject to change depending on interest and membership.

An initial consultation call will determine eligibility and fit of all group members.  

Unless otherwise stated, groups will run for 5 weeks.  Fee is $200 for the entire 5 weeks.

Have questions?  Fill out the interest form below!

Women's Group Stress.png

Join us for a safe, supportive, empowering atmosphere!

In this group, we will: 
  • Start with an opening meditation or centering

  • Time for group sharing 

  • Opportunity for some new learning each week on themes of stress and the body, identifying needs, the process of making changes, and dealing with blockages

  • Time for personal reflection to deepen into one's own work

  • Cultivating strength and positivity from the group

Are you interested in joining this group?

Fill out the information below for a quick consultation call!

Thanks for your interest!  I will be in touch soon!

Diana Milillo group therapy support stress
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