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Investment and Pricing

Using a platform called HeadwayI am now able to accept the following insurance benefits:

To determine insurance eligibility and copay rates, please contact me through Headway here

For those who have a different insurance than those listed above, I am considered an 
out of network provider.  In this case, many clients request a superbill; basically, this is a receipt of payment that you can then submit to your insurance company for some possible reimbursement.  Clients should always check with their insurance provider to determine out of network benefits.

Some clients prefer not to go through insurance for various reasons, and may prefer to pay privately. 

50-minute session:    $120
90-minute session:    $130

Couples or family session:  $150

Payment of full rate or copay happens by credit via Stripe, set up on intake.

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Healthcare 
Oscar Health

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